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Executive agenda

Administration of Pálava PLA, with its seat in Mikulov, performs expert care about the environment and landscape and enacts state administration within the limits of its administration district. The Administration is a regional branch of the Nature Conservation Authority (state organizational body), Nuselská 39, 140 00 Praha 4.

The PLA Plan of Care serves the purposes of environment and landscape protection management and PLA development regulation from the position of the PLA Administration. The plan is usually elaborated for a ten year period and it is approved by the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.

Sphere of Activity of the Administration of Pálava PLA

• The PLA Administration enacts state administration concerning environment and landscape protection in the protected landscape area (PLA) unless a particular municipality, the Ministry of Environment or the Czech Environmental inspectorate is authorized in the Law No. 114/1992 concerning environment and landscape protection.

• The PLA Administration keeps evidence of environment protection central registry extracts within the limits of its sphere of activity (in all categories of small-scale special protection areas on the premises of the PLA; within the framework of extended competence of the categories "national nature reserve” and “national nature monument”).

• The PLA Administration shall examine decisionsof the municipality bodies issued under the administrative procedure at the department of environment and landscape protection.

• The PLA Administration is authorized to take decisions in compliance with § 66, 86, and 89, and to require origin and identity proofs according to § 54.

• The PLA Administration expresses its attitude according to § 45, article 1 and decrees compensation measures according to § 45, article 11.

• The PLA Administrations issue approval in bird areas on the territory of the Czech Republic and outside the national parks that include protected landscape area, national nature reserve or a national nature monument that is subjected to their care, according to § 45e, article 2.

• The PLA Administration is authorized to issue an act establishing a nature reserve and a nature monument.

• The PLA Administration concurrently performs expert management of environment and landscape protection tasks, carries out inventory environmental surveys, keeps evidence and manages inspections in matters of environment protection, co-operates with research and scientific workplaces, and ensures guarding, informational and educational activities. The Administration ensures care of special protection area in the entrusted district.

• The PLA Administration administers Programme of Landscape Care from the Ministry of Environment applications in the protected area and in the area of a national nature reserve or a national nature monument.

PLA Administration Pálava


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