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Administration of Pálava PLA, with its seat in Mikulov, performs expert care about the environment and landscape and enacts state administration within the limits of its administration district. The Administration is a regional branch of the Nature Conservation Authority (state organizational body), Nuselská 39, 140 00 Praha 4.

The Czech National Council Law No. 114/1992 Coll. concerning environment and landscape protection in its valid wording (published after the so called "Euro-amendment” in its full wording and marked 460/2004 Coll.) serves as the basic legal instrument for activities of the Administration of Pálava PLA. The Law No. 114/1992 defines general conditions of protection in a protected landscape area (§ 26) and a small-scale particularly protected area and specifies competence of environment protection state administration bodies. Ensuing Act of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic No. 395/1992 Coll. details further issues in this field. The PLA Administration derives its powers from § 78 of the above mentioned law. Legal and State Administration Management Department II with its seat in Brno, Mezírka 1, 602 00 Brno, of the Ministry of Environment shall be contacted in the case of appeal against a decision of the Administration of Pálava PLA. The Care Plan of the PLA serves as an t in Btrnhe Czech Republic No. 395/1992 Coll. expert and conceptual basic document for the environment and landscape protection in the PLA.

The Administration of Pálava PLA has had an extended authorization in the sphere of management of national nature reserves and national nature monuments (outside the PLA) since the 1st of May, 2005.

The Administration of Pálava PLA manages a series of various proceedings in matters of environment and landscape protection within the framework of enactment of state administration for environment protection. It also issues acts establishing nature reserves and monuments, approves care plans for these areas, acts from the position of a concerned state administration body during decision-making on the basis of different regulations (especially construction regulations), performs controlling and inspectional activities, including dealing with and imposing fines for offences and illegal conduct. Apart from that, the Administration of Pálava PLA fulfils tasks of expert management of environment protection. It ensures care for established particularly protected areas and endangered species of plants and animals, carries out inventory environmental surveys, keeps evidence and manages inspections in matters of environment protection, organizes monitoring and research, ensures guarding service and informational-cultural and ecological education.

The Administration also co-operates with a number of research and scientific institutions such as Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Masaryk University, Czech University of Agriculture, National Museum, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno, etc.

In order to obtain exemption from the general conditions for strongly and critically endangered particularly protected species of plants and animals (or for necessary certificates and approvals), the applicant shall submit application to the Administration of Pálava PLA in advance, including all required applicant data, purpose of request, concerned species and localities, and requested length of permission validity. The application is processed either by the Administration of Pálava PLA or it is handed over to the Special Protection Areas Department of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.  It is also recommended to discuss the issue beforehand.

Special procedure during wood-felling outside forest limits

Wood-felling permission (§ 8 of the Law No. 114/1992 Coll.) is issued by the Administration of Pálava PLA only when small-scale protected areas (national nature reserve, nature reserve, national nature monument, nature monument) are concerned. Otherwise, permission is issued by local municipalities (first instance bodies). The Administration of Pálava PLA then serves as an appeal authority regarding the decisions of these official bodies. Every application for wood-felling shall include all data according to the requirements specified in § 8 of the Act of the Ministry of Environment No. 395/1992 Coll. (name and address of the applicant, document of ownership or lease relationship, wood kind specification – species, number, location outline, tree girth at the height of 130 cm or the size of the area (for bushes) – and purpose of application). The permission is not required for wood-felling in properties which are owned by natural persons, which are used, and where tree girth does not exceed 80 cm (measured at the height of 130 cm) or where there is continuous shrub vegetation of up to 40 m2.

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